"I have found college to be an essential time for my life not only in terms of improving my design skills but also adjusting to living and undertaking challenges independently. It has also set me up for university where hopefully I will discover even more about myself. The College has proven to be an essential stepping stone in my progression through education."
HND Product Design Student - Sean Smyth
Sean Smyth - Nesting Unit
Andrew Swindells - Nesting Unit
Charles Dineen - Light
Finlay Halliday - Nesting Unit
Finlay MacDonald - Toothbrush
Hamish Gregory - Nesting Unit
Jack Austin - Nesting Unit
Jade Quinn - Nesting Unit
Jenna Blackburn - Nesting Unit
John Collins - Nesting Unit
Julia MacMillan - First Aid Kit
Marc Houston - First Aid Kit
Marco Padda - Tooth Brush
Nicole Barrios - Nesting Unit
Owen Todd - Nesting Unit
Scott Kerr - Coat Hanging Unit
"My experience at The City of Glasgow College has provided me with a strong foundation for future life long learning and I’m looking forward to new beginnings and a future successful career."
HND Product Design Student - Hamish Gregory
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