" I have had the desire to be a model maker all my life, only now having the chance to achieve that goal. I have enjoyed the last two years so much, the help, encouragement, and friendship of my fellow students, and the enthusiasm, experience, skill and help of Simon, David, and Steph whose patience I tried on many occasions. Looking forward to the future, but will miss the College and its happy memories.”
3D Design: Model Making Student - Charles Morrison
“I came for the view, the experience and the chance to learn something new in Model Making , what I never expected was to leave with the best education I’ve ever had, lifelong transferable skills, amazing guidance and support from the lecturers and a family that I’ll never forget, my model making skills my not be perfect just yet, but this course definitely is, I hope you cherish it just as much as I did.”
3D Design: Model Making Student - Pauline McNaught
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